Get paid for your time.

Every time.

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Everything you need to run your practice

Working as a paid consultant, coach, therapist, teacher, physician or similar? We got you covered!
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Create a professional-looking web page for your service within minutes. Share your website via Social Media, SMS and QR!
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Set your available hours and let your customers book sessions on thier own, without the usual scheduling mess.
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Collect digital payments seamlessly and ensure you get paid for your time without the hassle of dealing with bankers.
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Showcase your magic

Your customers choose your service, because of you! Show your pretty face and tell them your story. Describe your practice in your own unique way:

Set a name and price of your service
Upload a video, so people know what to expect
Describe the details of your service in free form

Collect payments
in advance

No-shows suck, don't they? In some cases they make up to 20% of service providers' calendars. Protect your time by implementing in-advance payments and strict cancellation policies.

Available payment methods:

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Say goodbye to scheduling chaos

Tired of constantly trying to coordinate with your customers? Calls for bookings, SMS for cancellations, IM for changes...
Automate all this mess:

Set your available hours
Connect your calendar
Let customers manage bookings on their own